Professional Certificate

Online Fashion Design

Duration :   1 Year
Certification :   Indian Design League (IDL).

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What You’ll Learn

  • Students will learn pattern making principals and techniques to draft patterns for your original fashion design ideas.

  • All the necessary elements to start a fashion brand – Development and Launching.

  • Students will learn basic draping skills and techniques to further develop your fashion design process.

  • The business side of fashion: Create a business plan. Distribution. Marketing. Manufacturing. E-commerce. Social Media.

  • Draw Fashion Sketches and become a fashion designer.


Subject 1 Elements of Design
Subject 2 Draping
Subject 3 Business Of Fashion
Subject 4 Embroidery
Subject 5 Illustration
Subject 6 Surface Ornamentation
Subject 7 Pattern Making
Subject 8 Basics Of Textiles
Subject 9 Basics Of Knits
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